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Those Christians…

Always raising their ebenezers and hiding behind their bulwarks…


I’m amazed by how many phenomenal musicians and vocalists are content to simply serve faithfully in their church, not needing any extra attention or publicity. 

Christian music gets a bad rap sometimes, and it seems like there’s more talent in the world. Let me tell you that’s so not the case. God empowers and gives grace to His people. So much so that there is an overwhelming amount of what others would call “celebrity-material” that’s invisible to most of the world. 

If you’re a Christian that makes music, it’s fine to be good at publicity and try to get your music out there. But it’s also totally fine to just bless the people in your small sphere of influence. And if you find yourself all alone, just play for the audience of One.

I love you, Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
Oh my soul rejoice

Take joy, my King
In what you hear
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound
In your ear.


Love, joy, peace, security, rest, relationship, forgiveness, adoption, grace. All are available in the presence of God.

Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on missionary dating?


Don’t do it. 

It’s so much better to start dating a Christian. You can have unchristian friends, if you’re in a position where you’re the influencer. But a romantic relationship is an entirely different animal. It’s so easy to make small compromises and have your passion for God eroded. 

I’m not saying that you can’t bring them into the light, but do that before you start dating. For your own sake. And for the sake of your future children.

Date people that love Jesus. They are marriage material.

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on premarital sex?


Not a good idea. In no situation is it wise. The three biggest reasons are:

1) It’s sex with someone who’s not your spouse. That’s adultery, and God says no. Jesus encountered a woman who had just been caught in the very act, and He said, “go and sin no more.”

2) It binds people together. God designed it that way so that married people could easily become one. Sex before marriage leads to people being ripped apart later on. You damage the inward parts of your very self. Marriage makes sex safe.

3) Kids are meant to grow up with an intact family. Sex outside of marriage leads to either kids out of wedlock or the temptation for abortion. No contraception is infallible. Don’t take the risk.

For God, your current partner, future spouse, your kids, and lastly for yourself, don’t do it.


Please don’t waste your life following the life of some famous celebrity. Live your own life.

(via peterdwebb)

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" is talking less about miracles and super-human power than it is about contentment. It’s about giving thanks in all circumstances and believing in God’s provision through times of plenty and lack. 

I feel much less pressure to be professional on snapchat. Tumblr’s just too intimidating.

Having fun on snapchat today. Add me if you feel like being cool. “peterdwebb”


Are you personally against gay people? Do you think its wrong? Or do you think the bible accepts this but people have misinterpreted it? Do you think that it is within everyone’s right to love and be loved as love is God’s greatest gift to us? Whats your take on this subject as a whole? Yeah I realise I’ve supermerged many similar questions into one, just wanted to make sure every point was included.

Are you personally against gay people?

No way! God and I love everybody. At least, I think I do. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m willing to be led further into love. I’ll go wherever He directs. 

I’m not against them. I want them to experience exactly what I’ve experienced: God’s love and forgiveness and redemption.

Do you think its wrong? Or do you think the bible accepts this but people have misinterpreted it?

I think most Christians have interpreted the command against homosexuality correctly. I think most Christians have interpreted God’s plan for marriage, between a husband and a wife, correctly. I think there are some that have interpreted God’s plan for how to reach out to lost people incorrectly.

Do you think that it is within everyone’s right to love and be loved as love is God’s greatest gift to us?

People throw around the word “right” really lightly. If we recognize that we’re all traitorous rebels, willingly deciding to turn from God, the creator and sustainer of all, we really don’t have a right to anything. We don’t have a right to property because He owns it all. We don’t even have a right to life since it’s all His design anyways. He owns the patents on happiness, forgiveness, mercy, judgement and eternity. 

Is it in everyone’s right to be loved? No. We don’t deserve anything. But that doesn’t mean it’s in anyone’s right to hate, or withhold love. We’re supposed to love even people who hate us and persecute us. Treating them with respect and kindness so that when they speak against us that it’s them that will be put to shame for calling out an innocent person. 

Love is God’s greatest gift to us? Intangibly, yes, that could be argued. But what exactly was the gift? Redemption. Forgiveness. Identity change. Freedom. Victory. A new life. 

His Son.

Jesus came, not because we deserved love, but because we needed a savior. It’s our sin that held Him on the cross. It’s our pain. It’s our rebellion and perversion and cruelty. 

Every single one of us didn’t measure up. And every single one of us needs to put on His righteousness. Ours is but dirty rags. 


We’ve got to reach out to people before it’s too late. For the purposes of evangelism, freedom, healing, accountability, we can’t ignore the important stuff and stick to small talk.

Sometimes it’s just easier not to talk about stuff. Not to pull out the weeds. But before long everything you were trying to grow in your life is choked out by the issues we didn’t want to deal with.

Jesus will give you the courage to tackle the inconvenient conversations. And He’ll give you the words to say.


If you’re in a position where every person you rub shoulders with looks like they have it all together you need to have some real conversations with folks. Hurt and pain and brokenness is all around. Folks have just been schooled in how to hide it.

Anonymous asked: Why do u believe in God?



Because that’s literally the only worldview that makes sense. God is reflected in everything that He creates, and without Him, this whole system breaks apart.

I believe in God because He exists. Just like I believe that my wife exists. I talked to them both today. I appreciated the sunset that God made and the instagram picture that my wife made. To see that picture and not believe that someone created it would be foolish.

So you see your god reflected in disease, illness, heredity diseases, disability, insects that perform traumatic insemination, animals that perform sexual cannibalism, birds that destroy another birds eggs so they can steal the nest, parasitoid’s that kill their host?

There’s obviously something terribly wrong that’s happened with the world. You and I, along with every other person have a sense of “rightness” and what “should be.” 

God created everything and at that moment it was all “right” and how it “should be.” Then rebellion entered the world when a part of creation used it’s God-given free will to turn traitor to His design. This had a huge chain reaction effect through the whole earth, and now instead of a good version of creation we’re left with a perversion. 

So pumped for the day when God sets things straight. He’s already doing it in little chunks through those who want to see His will done. 

I wish I had time to respond to things tonight. Alas, I’m beat. We just finished our second consecutive week of WorshipArts Camp and we’re starting our third on Monday. Thank you all for the messages and I’ll work on getting caught up after camp is over. I have read every message in my inbox and every reblog and reply. Thanks for the love!!

God bless you all! Keep praying, believing and seeking God!