God is way more faithful and constant than we think.

When you renew your mind, you’re changing the way you think. Change your mind and you can change your behavior. As God renews your mind, you can choose to believe the best. You can choose not to keep a record of wrongs. You can submit your thoughts to God.

— Lucas Webb

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If you haven’t heard the gospel, here it is:

Almighty God Yahweh made man to be in relationship with Him. We chose to rebel and instead chase after sin. The natural consequence for sin was sickness, perversion, and death. A repercussion that affected not only the initial sinners, but all who came afterwards. Even the earth itself was distorted.

God Himself demonstrated His love and forgiveness by laying down His life. And He won a victory over the death we were facing by resurrecting from the dead. Now, we have an opportunity to come back into relationship with the God of the universe, not fearing death!

There is an opportunity to live the life we were supposed to live, without the consequences of sin! It’s good news! It’s a trade, our broken fragments of life for His full, powerful and meaningful life.

Anonymous asked: what does provebs 3:6 means? im trying to understand this but i cant it might sound stupid but i cant.. thank you


"In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."

Whatever you do, do it in obedience to God, and He’ll make it clearer and easier. 

Whatever decisions you make, ask God about it first, and He’ll help you make the right one.

Whatever success you have, give God the praise, and He’ll keep you on the right track. 


Love your wife.

Anonymous asked: What's the greatest thing you've learned from having a blog?


One of the greatest things I’ve learned is how incredibly diverse people’s opinions and reactions can be. And how that really shouldn’t stop us from proclaiming truth. 

So what if someone says they’re offended by me posting that Jesus is a savior. 

So what if someone doesn’t think we’re tolerant enough because we really believe that our point of view is right and others are mistaken. 

In my year on tumblr I’ve met people who believe all sorts of totally bogus things, and the fact that they believe it does not diminish the truth of the Word of God one bit. 

I’ve met people who believe that there is no punishment for sin. 

I’ve met people who believe that the Bible itself is the mark of the beast.

I’ve met people who believe that Jesus didn’t actually die, but just passed out for three days.

I’ve met people who believe that there was no such person as Jesus. 

I’ve met people who believe that Jesus and Satan are the same person. 

There’s all sorts of deceptions out there. All that has to happen for evil to prevail is for us to close our eyes just a little bit to the truth. To be deceived into thinking we can be God just by eating the fruit or killing our brother or bowing to an object or an idea. 

"Let God be true and every man a liar."

PS: “Every man” includes me by the way. When I die and go to paradise I’m sure I’ll realize all of the things I was wrong about. I’ll shake off the lies I’ve believed about myself and about reality and about God when I meet the Truth face to face: Jesus Christ. 

Don’t date when you feel ready to be someone’s girlfriend. Date when you’re ready to find your spouse.

— Peter D. Webb (via gwensarah)

(via peterdwebb)




Your friends should know you’re a Christian. The people who you see on a regular basis should notice something different about you.

Don’t let fear, pride or temptation keep you from showing Jesus to people. 

Yes! And the best way to do that is to not put it in their face or constantly talk about him, but to live as an example of what a Christian should be; loving, compassionate, moderate, warm-hearted. St. Francis of Assisi once said to preach, and use words if necessary. Christians should lead by example; your evangelization radiates from the heart and your actions should lead people to wonder what is so different about you. Hopefully, your faith and love for God should help you become a better person, and this you will attribute to God when asked about your lifestyle choices.

And if the people you passively evangelize choose to remain atheist, muslim, jewish, etc.?

That’s up to them. No one can choose a person’s spiritual path for them. What they wager will happen in the time after death is completely up to them and we must all respect each other’s beliefs.

In the end, when we die, we will discover who was right and who was wrong. But for now, let us live in harmony and peace and coexist in a loving and respectful manner.

I’m going to push back a little on that idea. I don’t see anything in the Bible that would make me thing God intends us to just coexist with a doomed population.

"Passive Evangelism?"

It says preach the gospel. That quote is certainly encouraging, but it has no authority in scripture. Jesus and the disciples give clear examples of open air preaching to crowds. Even to the point of getting kicked out of entire cities. (Not to mention beaten and crucified.)

What am I going to say to the disciple Stephen when I meet him after death? That I was too afraid of making people feel uncomfortable to repeatedly preach the message that got Him stoned to death? 

That I decided that I would just do my best to be a nice person instead? You are right that scripture says our actions are important. Our heart is important. But so are our words.

We’re promised persecution. There’s no avoiding it.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

There will be some that see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. For some that will be enough. But I want everyone to be saved!!

To just casually wait for death so that God can let us know if the atheists, muslims or jews were right? It’s impossible to defend that with scripture. 

I love what Paul has to say about this:

So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, ‘Come back to God!’

And Psalms says:

I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.

Words and actions.

And heart and mind and soul and strength.

Use it all. 

Anonymous asked: If Jesus forgives everything, would he forgive us when we die as followers of other religions, or no religion at all?

Mattie Montgomery, front man for the band “For Today” says it like this:

"I want to help right some wrongs that I believe that have been done regarding the way our culture views Christianity.

Many people have been hurt or wounded by lies, some intentional, and some unintentional, that we’ve told from our pulpits and publishing houses. 

So for the sake of the confused, the disaffected and the misdirected, on behalf of those of us Christians that are often over ambitious and under educated, I want to apologize. 

Listen, I’m sorry if any preacher has ever led you to believe that walking your faith out in the real world would be easy

I’m sorry if we’ve ever given you the idea that you can live for the glory of God on your own terms, or that salvation can be had cheaply or casually

No, the cost is great, but the reward is even greater. So I apologize that we’ve too often misused the grace of our God as an excuse to ignore Him instead of the power to honor Him

In our genuine desire to see the lost saved we’ve cheapened the issue of salvation. We’ve made easy what we were trying to make simple. Now salvation is simple, but it’s not easy. 

And I’m truly sorry if you’ve gotten any other message from our Christian community. It’s not about having your best life now. It’s not about gaining health, wealth and prosperity.

It’s about being saved from His wrath, for His glory.

It’s about the blood that was shed on the cross as the payment for your sin and the grace that’s made available to you to be transformed from the inside out into the likeness of the perfect, glorious, Son of the living God. 

And I’m sorry that you thought you could get away with holding your sin in one hand and your savior in the other. 

I’m sorry if you were ever told that all you had to do was repeat after me, just say this prayer, or sign your name on the dotted line. Brother, there’s no magic word for salvation. 

In fact the only appropriate response to the call of Christ is an unconditional “yes.”

And you don’t just say it with your mouth. You shout it with your life. 

I’m sorry if you believe that you might be able to follow Him without being insulted, misunderstood and rejected.

I’m sorry if there was ever a preacher who painted such an insignificant picture of Yeshua as to let you believe that you could continue living the same life after meeting Him, as you did before. 

No, He’s worthy of so much more. 

Listen, if we’d increase the value of Christ, we don’t have to decrease the cost of discipleship. 

And I’m sorry for those who have taught you that you wouldn’t have to give anything to have Him. That’s simply not true. 

Come and see Him as He is. 

He is so wonderful. 

So glorious.

So beautiful. 

So lovely. 

And though He demands it all from us, what we get in return will far outweigh any sacrifice we have to make. 

What we get in return is Him. And friend you’ll lose it all to have Him…

He is so worth it.

He’s worth the suffering.

He’s worth the rejection.

He’s worth the discipline

He’s worth the sacrifice. 

Because He’s that perfect. He’s that precious. He’s that powerful and He’s that good. 

And I want to apologize for anyone who has told you otherwise.”

Anonymous asked: Hi! First, I just want to say that your tumblr is one of many things that has brought me back to wanting to live a life for God. Second, I have a question. I've been friends with this group for years, and at times I'd realize I don't feel comfortable around them and I don't like doing the things they like doing. Sure, there are times when they're fun, but they joke about God at times. Have I outgrown them? Is it wrong for me to want God-loving friends? What should I do? Thank you, and God bless!

I think that someone’s choice of friends is one of the most important choices they can make. There’s been a lot of study that shows that people tend to be the average of their closest 5-10 friends. In income, education, career choice, ambition, etc. 

From a Biblical standpoint, bad company corrupts good morals. And the Bible says that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Tying yourself to people who are on a downward trajectory is not a great idea. 

On the flip side, there are so many verses and examples of good friendships. 

God bless you in your effort to find Godly companionship!

Anonymous asked: Hey! Hope you're having a marvelous day. Quick question: I know we're not supposed to aspire to be more like other Christians, but rather more like Christ. So that being said, is it wrong to have Christian role models/people you look up to?

I don’t think so! Think of Hebrews 11, the “Hall of Fame of Faith.” I think these folks were mentioned because they were an example for the kind of faith that we’re supposed to have. Or the kind of relationship with God the Hebrew people in the first century were being called to.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the new ceasefire in Israel? I personally think it wont last long. a month to a year tops

That’s not a very hopeful thing to say!

From what I’ve heard, every time a ceasefire gets declared Israel gets bombed within 12 hours or so. That’s just what I’ve gleaned from new sources, so I might be mistaken. 

Peace is going to be hard to accomplish until the Prince of Peace takes control. 

genniferwong asked: Hey what does God says about awkwardness? Is awkwardness a result of sin?

Wow! Interesting question! I don’t know of any place in the Bible it talks about awkwardness. Maybe fear or timidity. 

When we ask, “Is it a result of sin” sometimes a good indicator of it is imagining the thing before the fall. Or imagining it after Jesus’s second coming. In God’s perfect world, were Adam and Eve subject to feeling awkward?

Seems like one of the very first results of their sin was to realize they were walking around the garden naked. That’s something. 

I don’t know, what do you guys think?

Anonymous asked: why do I suddenly want a real relationship with a guy? do you think it is God's will or desire for me? i have always been an independent-i don't need anyone type of gal..why are my desires changing since being closer to God? do you think receiving healing from past relationships makes one receptive to new ones?

*insert picture of roller coaster*

That’s what our desires look like. 

It’s really hard to follow our desires and assume that they are the Will of God for our lives. 

On one hand we’re told that the heart is thoroughly wicked and will lead us to death, and on the other hand we’re told that if we delight in the Lord He’ll give us His good desires.

So some of the things we want are of God and some aren’t. As we get closer to God we’ll experience more of His desires, fur sure. But it’s not a guarantee that because we got closer to God this new desire is from Him.  

I don’t see in the Bible that it’s God’s desire for everyone to get married. Paul says that for some it’s good for them not to take a spouse. But one of God’s first commands to Adam and Eve was to be fruitful and multiply. He also divinely arranged dozens and dozens of marriages in scripture.

So we know that it’s God’s Will for some to get married. And for some to stay single. 

Your question would be how to know the difference. In the Bible when people wanted to know they would continually seek God about it. Be relentless in prayer and listen for answers.

That’s the best answer I’ve got. Prayer and more prayer. Read scripture to know what God’s voice sounds like. It’ll always be full of hope and encourangement. 

theta-zoid asked: What do you think about other Faiths or philisophies (i.e. Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, etc.)? In regards to their morals and overall message, not your standing on their validity, obviously you're a pious Christian

Good question! You’re right that I don’t acknowledge the validity of them. As far as complete truth goes, they all miss the mark. 

But the best lies generally have a bit of truth to them. Maybe a good moral here, a historical accuracy there. 

The problem is that we’re all do deep in sin that trying to live a moral life from this point on won’t save us. We’re in too deep. It’s a swim to Hawaii where some of us make it 1 mile and others make it 10. We all end up equally dead.

We need God’s forgiveness, and God’s empowering grace. It’s the only way we have hope. And Jesus was the embodiment of that forgiveness. Through His death we have the opportunity for life. Through His resurrection we can have freedom.